• About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help ensure that all children get the best start in life to improve their health and life chances. Our mission to ensure that every child enters school eager and ready to learn. We want them to be able to meet their own personal and health and care needs, be confident, sociable and able to communicate.

How we do it

Our services start from the moment you consider having a family and we are there for you right through to when your last child goes off to school. Serving a community of approximately 3,300 children under five we prioritise our services to expectant families, children under one and the families and children that need a bit of extra support.   This includes parenting courses and advice, budgeting help, help training and getting back to work.  Please browse our website for more information on what we can offer you, alternatively give us a call.

Harpenden has a wealth of high quality opportunities and services for young families and where appropriate we support you in accessing these.

One to one support for families

If you would like to find out more about our outreach service and if it could help you please contact us.

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