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Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthily and staying active are both important to keep your family well.  To find out more about achieving a healthy balanced diet and ideas for everyday physical activities see the links below:

NHS Choices Eatwell Guide

Physical activity ideas

Change 4 Life

As One Mental Health

NHS SmokeFree or talk to Nikki at the Children’s Centre for guidance and support.

Drinkaware – Alcohol and Pregnancy

If your child is unwell

All children will have common illnesses like sore throats, colds and stomach aches.  The links below provide some advice and guidance on when and where to get help.

NHS What to do if you child is unwell

NHS Choices

Sepsis symptoms


Immunisation is important for the prevention and outbreak of infectious diseases.  See the checklist of vaccines routinely offered by the NHS, and the ages at which they should ideally be given.

NHS Children’s Flu Vaccine Information

If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy service offers regular drop-in sessions to conduct initial assessments where there are concerns about a child’s speech and language. If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development speak to your early years provider or contact the children’s centre where you can get advice and if appropriate a referral to a drop-in session where your child can get an initial assessment. Attendance at these sessions is by professional referral only.

Contraception and Sexual Health

Contraception after having your baby – see the leaflet to the side for advice.

Book Appointments – for contraceptive and sexual health services by calling 0300 008 5522.

Online Chlamydia testing –  anyone aged 16 – 24 can order an online chlamydia testing kit at www.c-sure.org.uk   Testing is for anyone under the age of 24 who has ever been sexually active, even if there are no symptoms and they don’t think they have it.

Click the image above to download a pamphlet on contraception after childbirth.

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