• Free Childcare

Free Childcare

All children are entitled to 15 hours fully funded free early education from the term after their third birthday. For more information read the Hertfordshire free early education for three and four years olds leaflet.

When looking for early years childcare, request a visit and take your child with you (this is not always possible in schools).

It is best to prepare in advance, jotting down the questions you would like to ask. Check the providers Ofsted Registration Certificate which will specify the maximum number of children allowed to attend and their age range (excludes schools). High quality providers are also likely to have achieved Herts accreditation so look out for this quality mark.

Additional free childcare – find out what is available from September 2017 and what extras you may pay for.

Free childcare for two year olds where parents are in receipt of certain benefits

If you are a parent/carer of a two year old and receive certain benefits your child could be entitled to free early education. Contact the Children’s Centre for more information or see the Free Early Education information on the Hertfordshire County Council website.

Tax Free Childcare giving families up to £2000 towards childcare for each child

From early this year the government will begin rolling out a scheme by which most working families will be able to get an extra 20p paid on top of every 80p they pay for childcare. Previously only available via participating employers this new scheme is open to all including the self-employed. Tax free childcare – 10 things parents should know.

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