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Adoption Group – a group for adoptive parents run each half term at our Redbourn and Villages Children’s Centre. Book your place – no charge.

About Boys Course – a three week course for mums and female carers of boys aged between two and five years. If you need extra support in managing and understanding your son. £15 per person.

Baby Massage – a five week course for babies aged between 4 weeks and five months that helps promote bonding, relieves colic and can improve sleep. Due to the frequency of our courses it may be more beneficial for you to access other available baby massage, so we recommend Mum’s Guide to Harpenden or IAIM baby massage to find alternatives in the area. £30 per person.

Introduction to Solids – current NHS guidelines recommend solids are introduced from around six months. Book one of our free sessions to prepare you and your baby for this exciting next step.

Keeping your Under Five Safe – a one off session to find out how to keep your under-five safe once they have started moving.  Will cover guidance for you when you are at home and out and about.

Postnatal Group – a four week course with different topics including Baby Led Sleep, Resuscitation and Minor Illnesses and an opportunity to meet other new mums. Book your place – no charge.

First Aid for Babies and Children – a practical four hour course split over two sessions to equip people to deal with emergency situations. £20 per person. To book please email: communityfirst@btinternet.com

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